Content and Spam Filtering

  • Falls IT offers a number of services to keep your business secure and your workers on track. Not like your typical one-size-fits-all services, we can dial in specific restrictions that allow your employees access to only what you deem appropriate. We can accommodate multiple different groups if certain employees need less content filtering than others and changes can be made within minutes.
  • Many of our clients deal in a large volume of email on a daily basis and it doesn’t take long before the spam to pile up. Our Spam filtering service allows you to set controls on what is considered spam and what isn’t, and can be easily modified. Reports are generated several times a day that show you email that has been filtered, and in the event something legitimate is flagged as spam, it can be restored to your inbox with a simple click.

A few examples of filtering:

  • Blocked media filtered by type of content or key words, such as pornography or violence
  • Filtered access to not allow users to browse to Facebook or other specific websites.
  • Blocked emails from certain geographic regions where correspondence is not conducted
  • White lists that allow both users and domains to pass through restrictions every time.