Hardware and Software sales

Need a new computer?  Or say you just need to replace a power supply that went out, or maybe you need a new router or need to purchase Microsoft Office.  Better yet, you want to make sure your files are safe and need Antivirus software.  We have you covered.  We build our own lightning fast custom computers from parts and brands that we trust and offer many different build options to get you what you need.  We also keep on hand a variety of common computer equipment for quick upgrade and replacement needs.  And when it comes to software, we can help at any step from choosing the best option to installation and setup. 

Standard items we sell:

  • Custom built computers we will pit against any of our competitors
  • Routers, network cards, power supplies, video cards, network switches and battery backups
  • Antivirus software, financial software such as Quickbooks and backup software.
  • Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows products