Server and System Administration:

We can assist you with anything from the creation and management of employee accounts, preventing and  resolving security issues, resolving software problems and general device problems to the setup and  configuration of email accounts, including Microsoft Exchange and hosted email. If you are in need of upgrades or new systems we offer several affordable options of new computers, servers  and accessories.  We can also assist you in the migration of your data, applications and domain from an old  server to a new, that way business can carry on as usual and you don’t have to relearn your systems. 

Network Administration:

Whether you are having problems connecting to another computer or device on your network, or need a  network set up from scratch, we have you covered.  Our technicians can troubleshoot any problem and can  install and configure any type of network, be it a standard wireless router to a complex network with multiple  devices and even VPN setup. 

Backups and Data Storage:

Why take chances when it comes to your data?  We offer multiple solutions for backups, both for businesses  and our residential customers.  For businesses we strongly encourage the use of local and off-site (cloud)  backups so that you have redundancy in place for disasters and both quick recovery.  We offer several  storage size options and monitored backup services as well so that you never have to worry that your data is  not backed up.

Virus and Spyware Solutions:

One of the most common services we perform, be it for businesses or residential clients.  Malware as we call  it for short, comes in many different forms and varies widely in degree of maliciousness.  Our techs are  skilled at removing malware no matter what form it takes, and our cleanups are fast and affordable.  We also  offer several Antivirus products and are a certified reseller of AVG Cloudcare. 

Printer and Device Support:

Printers are quite often the most tempermental devices and often experience malfunctions for the slightest of  reasons.  We diagnose and repair printers often and can assist with the setup of a new printer or device such  as a scanner.  Scanners, like printers come in multiple sizes and configurations, and we can help you  determine what is the best fit for your home or office.  Need it configured for network use?  No problem. 

Helpdesk and General IT Support:

In addition to our services mentioned above, we are well versed at diagnosing and repairing any problem you  may encounter.  This is a very broad avenue of support and covers everything from the most minor problems  to the most advanced and is not just for PC’s but any device you may have. 

Here’s a quick glimpse at what we can offer you!                      

We specialize in maintaining servers and systems and resolving any issues they may have. We offer on-site 

and remote services primarily to Wichita Falls and north Texas as well as several out of state clients.  

Here are some of our commonly

used products and brands.