Email and Domain Hosting

  • Tired of having an email address to give to your clients that doesn’t accurately reflect who you are as a business?  Or maybe there is a lack of cohesiveness with your email across devices and locations that you want to shore up or simply be able to have specific set of addresses to better route the flow of incoming mail to precisely where you want it to go.
  • Maybe you already have a domain and are constantly bombarded by renewal solicitations from companies you’ve never heard of that aren’t even located in the US. Hosting your product with Falls IT makes things easy and keeps everything local. While we can’t stop the solicitations, hosting with us gives you the freedom to ignore these annoyances as Falls IT will handle all renewals and maintain your domain.

Falls IT offers several hosted solutions:

  • Domain hosting and management so you can find the perfect
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange to allow multiple device and location cohesion and archiving
  • Shared office calendars to keep your office in step with the daily flow of business
  • Hosted POP/IMAP email services for those who need email on a smaller scale